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Hire Pink Lamb to promote or help with marketing a hotel, destination, tour or package... Improve SEO and succeed with marketing and public relations!

A Lifestyle of Travel...

We specialize in short, affordable, travel videos for marketing purposes and to greatly improve your market, public relations and SEO.  I have also done travel video blogs and reviews and overviews.  I have seen successful marketing results from producing videos for companies, resorts and accommodations in the travel industry. Travel Internet marketing is the fastest growing and most dominant tool used in the travel market today. Without an effective travel video, a hotel or destination may become invisible.  My work has been super successful.  Not only am I very familiar with video and writing but I worked in the travel industry so I know what is expected and what is successful.   I am by far the most affordable video production company in the market.  Regardless of me selling you the video it is promoted (free marketing!) on different travel websites and travel social media sites.  We are successful with corporate tourism videos as well as independent destinations!

*** Now putting interactive links in your video!  You can link a video to a property, a webpage, etc... All while the video is playing!

Click here to see the views that some of our videos are getting, we guarantee at least 1,000 in 2 days of completion!  Click Here to see videos go viral!

Travel TV

Travel TV on Vimeo! Vimeo Travel TVVisit us!

View Pink Lamb travel videos with 1000+ views on Youtube at Travel TV You Tube Play List

All family friendly location videos will be on Moms Blogger (affiliation with Lifetime TV-for moms) Moms Blogger Club with LifeTime for Moms click here with 23,00 members to view and Me and Mommy TV.  I love promoting super family friendly resorts that have a fun and unique touch!

A recent example that has been successful with SEO


View a reel with some of our professional travel videos, commentary reviews, and clients at our official travel site:

For free promotion here is what you get:
-The video Goes up on YouTube and has a link to your hotel, which ranks it higher on Google and YouTube and Google are #1 and #2 search engines.
-The vide will go viral!  My videos have gone viral and besides the thousands of views from the outlets above I guarantee over 2000 views on my videos on YouTube!  Here are some of the recent ones on a Youtube playlist (where I put up all of my videos and tag you for marketing purposes!) Click Here for Playlist
- The video will also go up on Business Traveler, The Sailing Channel (if appropriate)
-It will also be put on Moms Blogger (affiliation with Lifetime TV-for moms)Moms Blogger Club with Life Time for Moms with 23,00 members to view and Me and Mommy TV.  I love promoting super family friendly resorts that have a fun and unique touch and I think your hotel would be awesome!
-The video is promoted heavy through social media and a lot of different social media websites reaching over 200,000 people.

All Corporate, Tourism Videos and Webisodes are promoted through the following sites:

To thousands of people by social networking sites: YouTube, LinkedIn, Facebook and Twitter, AND....
 DailyMotion, Yahoo, Google, GrindTV, Myspace, Metacafe, Veoh, Brightcove, Viddler, Sevenload, IFoodTV, Facebook, Zoopy, Flickr, WorldTV, Bing, Travelistic, i2tv, Wanderlust, eBaumsWorld, Sclipo, HowCast, 5min, Graspr, VideoJug, GrindTV, SportPost, StreetFire, CarDomain,, Lonely Planet TV, Voyage TV, Travel and Leisure, trip advisor, Lifetime Moms, family circle, Trip Films and more TV Internet sites!

Professional Written Travel Reviews

(Lindsay is also a writer for the National Examiner where all reviews go in print!
As well as a writer for Yahoo Travel articles And Business Traveler Magazine (  All reviews go to all 3 publications!
YouTube is the second most popular search engine on the Internet, where we promote and link back to your destination!

We are also part of travel industry social networking at: And with Travel Bloggers at:

3 out of 4 Internet users watch online videos and 6 out of 10 users take some action after watching an online video ad!


All of our children/ family friendly travel videos tie into Me And Mommy TV and promoted through family sites such as Lifetime, Mom Blogger Network, Family Circle and more


Lindsay Ahart recieved Editor's Pick at TripFilms, which is the YouTube of travel videos!!

Everyone knows that people do Internet research when planning a trip, and a video review is a great tool to see what you are getting.  Pink Lamb knows how to make travel videos that are successful!

Latest webisodes involving  travel are available for download at : Download Here

A  featured video...

Just visited the King And Prince Resort!

Recent clients: 

The Hilton Waikoloa Village, HI, The Portofinio Hotel and Yacht Club, Hotel Giraffe, NYC, The Marriott Waterfront in Annapolis, The Westin, Old Town Alexandria, VA., The Santa Ynez Inn , Marriott Waiohai Beach Club, Kauai , Hotel Monaco  Old Town Alexandria, VA

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