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Wednesday, July 28, 2010

About Pink Lamb

Pink Lamb is a multimedia independent production company based out of southern California, with offices in the Washington DC area and the UK. Pink Lamb produces film, video and is a multimedia agent. Please visit us at to see all that we have to offer!

A great video is a visually stimulating form of media that can convey all aspects of sensory to the brain. This video should open up your five senses even though you are only seeing and listening to what is being shown to you. For a business man or woman to be able to use this to represent their product or service, a great video should be able to put the viewer in such an experience that the audience will only want more. Video also allows the viewer, or consumer, to understand what is being sold and exactly what is being offered in a quick amount of time. People get turned off when they have to continuously click around on a website to figure out what they are looking at. When you have a one minute web based video right there all questions should be answered leaving text on the site for details about the product or service. Web based videos are proven to help the sell because it shows how enticing the product or service is, and having this video done to perfection can put company leaders at the head of the game.

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